I am back from the dead! Revamping old Glaciate TCG and trying to remember how I used to freestyle website without so many work constrains was fun!

Welcome to SPARKLE, Myubi/Taty TCG Log. It is now on the version 2.5, where I decided to take it slow on freestyling layounts and just adjusted my old TCG layout!

Since I am mostly know for my old and probably barely usable TCG scripts, I have kept them. Feel free to email or discord me at Myubi if you do need help, I shall try to remember!

Trade Buddies

Let's be trade buddies? :D Just tell me you want to by messaging me on Discord (Myubi)


Currently, SPARKLE features a Pokemon fan art from 壁打ち. Other resources for this layout: Subtle Patterns, Spriter's Resource and Easy TCG and Card Search by Daggles.